CENTEXBELCTB is the Belgian scientific and technical centre for the textile industry, located in the heart of the Belgian textile industry with strong links to the majority of the textile companies. CTB offers a complete range of standardised testing, it is a notified body for protective clothing, and can deliver CE marking and testing. CTB is also involved in standardisation committees and offers technological advice and training to companies in Belgium or abroad.

The research focus of CTB is on applied research, funded by private contract as well as national and international agencies (e.g. FP7, Eureka, Eranet).

Some well selected subjects for strategic research are followed: (i) intelligent textiles, (ii) innovative finishing, coating and laminating formulations and technology, (iii) biomedical interactions of textiles (incl. biocidal activity, cytotoxicity), (iv) polymer formulation and extrusion processes (incl. biopolymers) and (v) implementation of nanotechnology.