AITEX is a non-profit making private association formed by textile companies, whose main objective is to improve the textile companies' competitiveness, promoting modernization activities, new technologies and improvement of the company and products quality. AITEX acts on behalf of the textile and clothing industries in Spain and overseas, having a strong industrial representation (more than 900 textile member enterprises). Among the many different tasks that the Institute fosters, we can point out the standardization and quality, RTD projects, training and lab services for enterprises. Our RTD personnel is structured in 5 research groups; Nanotechnologies, Intelligent Textiles, ICT, finishing on technical textiles. AITEX has been participating in many EC, national and regional initiatives, supporting the Spanish textile companies in the development of a growing number of funded projects and is involved in the European Technology Platform on the future of textiles and clothing leading the TG6- "Smart Textiles and Garments". AITEX has high experience in intelligent textiles field and co-owns a patent (nº P200403022) on the "Presence detection carpet and also a Textile tactile screen for its use on detection and volume quantification". Other patents related to the project are: "Antistress textile" co-owned with Aznar Textil, S.A. ( nºP200701733) and "Thermocromic textile for children garments" co-owned with Ramón Espí SA (P200801796). Its main research lines in Smart Textiles include thermal comfort for gloves and garments, functional and intelligent textiles for home and automotive textiles, tele-medicine applied for the textile sector, electroactive polymers, actuator and conductive yarns, integration in textile of standard devices applied in e- health in order to control physiological parameters; respiration, cardiac frequency, development of a new volume sensor in textile with conductivity threads. AITEX has wide experience, as well in hotmelts technique, microencapsulation, thermal comfort, taking part in some European projects related to this topics.